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Your free introduction to earthship in Australia!

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We are proud to see that over 800 people have hit this website in 5 days, thank you for your interest.

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Here is a free opportunity for you to know if Earthships are for you. Come and join us for a day, a weekend a week or more to help us complete the first phase of our Earthship. Building Earthships require a lot of human energy and motivation, come and experience what it really is.

The project leader is optimist and he has a pedagogical approach, he will teach you about Earthships and about every other sustainable and permacultural elements that are on site.

On site we have a small wooden off grid house, fed by rain water and we have an interesting way to reuse our waste. A goat milk farm, 250 apple varieties, sheep, dogs and chooks. Free camping, free meals and showers are provided to visitors.

Come learn and inspire yourself.


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