little otways earthship

Your free introduction to earthship in Australia!


Free intro to earthship experience. In Apollo Bay, Victoria, Australia.

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Are earthships for you?

Come and join us for the first phase of the project, building the walls.

550 tires have to be pounded into a 3 compartments earthship

The goal is to build the cheapest and most efficient green house and cellar as well as an emergency house in case of an other bushfire.

You are interested in eartships and you like challenges, this first phase experience is for you.

Transform this pile of tire, this pile of earth and reused materials into a beautiful building.


Learn how to use nature at your advantage. We receive 60 inches of rain a year. Weather is our main challenge and we need to be creative in order to build our house  before next rain season.


Learn from a multigeneration environmental warriors with the founders of the project Tony and Lynne Webber.


We have a bunch of completed projects on site to inspire yourself with.

Off the grid wooden house that powers itself with 450w of solar panel.

Odour free compost toilet.

Self sufficient gravity feed rain water system.

4 acres of permacultural land and designs

Goat milk farm.

Chooks, dogs and sheep.

Meteorology station.



Project is on hold since last year because the heavy rain has stopped us and we were not able to find local keen people.


Come and join us for a day, a week end, or a week. New dates are often available, please contact us.

You can join in anytime. Free on site camping with showers and free daily fresh meals (exclude breakfast)


Contact us for more info.

Like us on facebook and on youtube.


Ps: Social Media is our best way to advertise this project, if you are not interested in participating in the first phase of the project but willing to be part of the solution, please share our video and Facebook page with your friends.


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