little otways earthship

Your free introduction to earthship in Australia!

Contact us

If you are interested in joining our earthship project, you can come and join us anytime. We are continuing the project, new dates are often available. Please contact us! 🙂

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Phone number: 03 52376926

Mailing adress: Tony & Lynne Webber: P.O. Box95 Apollo Bay, Vic 3233

ps: It is impossible to reach us by e-mail or through any other ways, sorry for the disagreement.


4 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Would love to come down for a weekend with family, (partner and 2 boys 5 & 8) to give you a hand to pound some tyres if you’re still looking. We are investigating building an earthship of our own at some stage and could use the experience.

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